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PTR and PTS Calculator with GST for PCD Pharma Franchise in India


After GST, rate calculations for Pharma Stockist and Pharma Retailers have been changed. Below formula will give you a general idea how to calculate retail and stockist margin. Here PTR means Price to Retailer and PTS means Price to stockist. You can also calculate net scheme. For example, if you want to give a scheme like 10% then this calculator automatically calculate net scheme value according to the percentage you entered.

What is MRP?

MRP means Maximum Retail Price. It is the price at which customers will purchase medicine from a retail pharmacy store. It is inclusive of GST.

What is PTR ?

PTR means Price to Retailer. It is the price at which Retail pharmacy will purchase any medicine from the pharma stockists. It is exclusive of GST.

What is PTS ?

PTS means Price to Stockist. It is the price at which any pharma company will give its goods to pharma stockists or distributors. It is exclusive of GST.

How to calculate PTR ? Formula to Find PTR

To calculate the PTR first we have to calculate Net Margin and GST Factor.
Net Margin (It is Inclusive of GST) To calculate the Net margin directly minus the Retail % from MRP
Net Margin = MRP – Retail %

GST factor (Which is useful to minus GST amount from net margin)
GST Factor = 100 + GST% / 100
PTR = Net margin / GST Factor

How to calculate PTS ? Formula to Find PTS

PTS = PTR – Stockist %

MRP = 100
Retail % = 20 %
Stockist % = 10%
GST% = 12 %
Net Margin = MRP – Retail %
100 – 20% = 80
GST Factor = 100 + GST% / 100
100 + 12 / 100 = 1.12
PTR = Net margin / GST Factor
80 / 1.12 = 71.42
PTS = PTR – Stockist %
71.42 – 10% = 64.28

Special Instruction to calculate PTR and PTS.

TO calculate Net margin of any given MRP, minus the Retail % from MRP.

To find correct Net margin of any MRP please calculate like this.

Net Margin = MRP – Retail %

So always calculate PTR and PTS as per the above explanation only.