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We are in the manufacturing, supply, distribution and marketing of Pharma products. Besides manufacturing and distribution, we also offer third-party drug manufacturing services on a contract basis. Medilanelabs process orders on demand which includes manufacturing, packaging, labeling and branding and delivery of drugs as per the specifications and the contract. Third party manufacturing is a specialized service which requires special skills and expertise. We have a team of highly specialized experts who have a robust experience in the Pharma industry. We have strong tie-ups and we believe in delivering quality products and effective products. We have a wide network of satisfied customers and clients.

Third Party Manufacturing Services

In ordinary language, 3rd party Pharma manufacturing is a process in which a Pharma company hires a manufacturer specialized in drugs manufacturing and get manufactured its product with its brand name & other specifications. This manufacturing is done through a legal contract that is why it is called contract manufacturing.

Why Pharma Companies choose contract manufacturing?

Over the past few years, 3rd party Pharma manufacturing concept has increased stupendously. As in-house manufacturing of various drug & medicines is a big and complex process and it demands detailed knowledge, updated technology, machinery, rented or own premise, trained labour, money, license, legal authorizations, and approvals etc. Also, branding, labeling, packaging, shipment, and transportation are other strenuous tasks. Manufacturing and managing all these activities efficiently & effectively requires a requisite experience and skill which most Pharma companies don’t possess. So, to avoid all these intricacies, Pharma companies prefer to get manufactured their drugs & medicines from a 3rd party on a contract basis.

Benefits of contract manufacturing

  • There are many benefits of getting products manufactured by a 3rd party on a contract basis.
  • It is cost-effective and quality centric process.
  • 3rd party Pharma manufacturing saves the time, energy and resources.
  • It reduces labour cost and other expenses which a company has to put for manufacturing the drugs.
  • A contract manufacturer knows complications & defects so he can detect and eliminate those at an earlier stage.
  • After assigning the contract the company can take a back seat and concentrate on its core business.
  • Before going to hire any CM (Contract Manufacturer) a Pharma Company must keep in a few things in mind and left no space for confusion or state of ambiguity.

Our pharmaceutical manufacturing plant is equipped with modern high-speed machines and integrated packaging lines to be cost efficient. Extensive use of visual inspection machines, multi-station tablet presses, attractive primary packing, online liquid manufacturing and filling lines are some of the examples. The plant with high capacities and scope for future expansion is capable of manufacturing all pharmaceutical dosage forms viz. tablets, capsules, oral liquid, external liquid, dry syrup, ointments, cream, lotions, gels, injections, eye/ear drops, soft gelatin capsules etc.


In this fast pace of globalization, all business entities want to gain a competitive edge over others and engaged in sustaining their USP. 3rd party Pharma manufacturing can actually lift your business in many folds. There are many contract manufacturers offer specialized services with competitive pricing. Besides manufacturing, they also offer other services too like pre-formulation, formulation, pre-clinical research, clinical research, method development etc. Your drug manufacturer will support you throughout the manufacturing of product as well as for specific product manufacturing too. As a drug manufacturer remains engaged in the manufacturing of drugs for many companies at a time so the economy of scale get balanced and your overall cost of manufacturing also get reduced.

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